Why this blogging stuff anyway?

You want to know why its important/cool/rad/fabulous to teach your kids about design and e-design? And online communication?

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The Mathematical Workshop Model

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The Mathematical Workshop Model: How Data, Differentiation, and Classroom Management Combine in an Elementary Classroom

We have all heard of various writing workshop models. Students working diligently on various stages of the writing process: pre-writing, drafting, revising, proofreading and publishing. But how can we incorporate similar structures in the math classroom?

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The Flexibility of WordPress

WordPress doesn’t simply mean blogs. You can also make a wiki!

Here’s one wiki format:

WordPress Wiki Theme

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Why Can’t Johnny Blog? – This Magazine

“Why Can’t Johnny Blog?” – This Magazine

A growing number of teachers and parents say Ontario’s current school curriculum will graduate scores of children who are 21st century illiterate. Inside the fight for more technology and social media in the classroom.

1. What do you think is the lens or perspective of This Magazine?

2. What do you think of the following quote from Jim Hewitt: “We are currently not doing a great job of training our teachers to use technology in educationally effective ways[.]”

3. What role should non-profit organizations play in making technology more accessible to our students?

4. To what extent will you be an advocate for technological integration in your classroom/school?

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Tori – Checking In

So, this is my first post with WordPress.

Adding posts is quite easy, and the posts themselves can be long or quite short in length.

I am using my iPad for this post and the WordPress app. It uses a very minimal layout in an attempt to be intuitive. However, for many who may not associate shortcuts with websites, it can be difficult.

I’m going to use a ‘cut’ to hide some of my blog post; it makes it easy to see, and lets students hide some of their work.

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