Why this blogging stuff anyway?

You want to know why its important/cool/rad/fabulous to teach your kids about design and e-design? And online communication?

Firstly, E-Design is not going away. It’s been here for a while now, come on we’re on HTML version 5! (ie: Tori learnt HTML 1 in grade seven).  It’s always changing, and so our students need to be able to change too.

Secondly, Our online world goes beyond school and work, design and communication.  Online-Communicaiton, Display and Style extends into the real-world, students that have portfolios and can speak to changes, show their adapatability and strength.

Thirdly, It can be a place where students can find HOME.  Nobody tells you on the internet what you can or can’t read, and only you manage your digital intake.  For our students, if they’re disengaged, or not going into university, the ability to still find material that’s interesting to them, relevant and up-to-date, might be as easy as finding a blog, or a community.

Lastly, because you can.  There is no ‘technology’ curriculum.  I implore you, as a student that thrived on technology, that bonded with online communities, and met her life-partner through e-communication, that if you give students a chance to have some fun, to explore what’s out there and teach them the skills that can help create these technologies, it’ll be one more skill that will prepare them, for worlds that haven’t been invented yet.

One thought on “Why this blogging stuff anyway?

  1. Secret admirer says:

    Great sample!

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